Our Reviews

May 19, 2022

This is a serious post!!! We bought a water system from Express Water Systems owned by Jimmy Ayesh!!! It has definitely changed our lives, I waited four months to review because it takes time to see everything that has changed in my home because of this purchase!!!! My skin and hair feel different for sure!!! I also notice my laundry is different and my front load washer hasn’t got a funky smell anymore!!! My dishwasher stays fresher too!! (Weird, huh) My toilets stay fresher and cleaner and that’s a big deal when you have 6 of those suckers to clean!!! It even makes a difference for my plants, they look better, too!!! I love this Water System!!! But mostly I love the taste of my COFFEE, and my drinking water it is SEAUX Pure!!! The ultraviolet light kills the bacteria and that’s a Big Deal!!! I love my Vesta Water Solutions System!!! My daughter Carey Carruth Hamblin sells these systems for Jimmy Ayesh !!! Good Water changed my life and my home!!! 4 months gave me time to see the difference!!! All Is Well

– Pat Hall Carruth

3 weeks ago

This System is Amazing. It made a huge difference in our lives instantly! Impeccable Customer Service—Our Rep Mr. Jimmy is the Best. He is honest, caring, easy to talk with, very knowledgeable, and ALWAYS Available. Our family is beyond happy—Worth every dime we spent!

– Adrianne Allen

3 weeks ago

Great products and customer service. I have tried other companies previously and have removed them all given the superiority of Express Water Systems. The water in Central Louisiana, while safe, leaves much to be desired regarding taste and feel. The Express Water System gives me bottled water-quality water out of the faucet with a great feel in the shower. I also don’t have to replace/clean sediment off of fixtures anymore.

– Paul Birinyi

4 weeks ago

Very friendly service. Jimmy is awesome and answers any questions before and after installation. I have his personal cell number for any questions and problems! Most companies don’t offer this kind of service after installation. Highly recommended!

– Chris Lanier

April 27, 2021

Our water was horrible. It turned my bathtub brown, sink, and commode. It left my kitchen sinks dingy, but the worst was it STUNK!!
I didn’t drink it and taking a shower made me still feel dirty! Mr. Jimmy came out and talked to us and guaranteed us he could make us happy with his equipment. They were quick to get on the job and we now have soft water instead of a hard, smooth feeling, and the smell is gone!! We had hired several plumbers and equipment and they all failed. I’m so happy we got great results with this company! Do not hesitate to call today for your water problems!

– Susanna G. Williams

March 9, 2019

We had terrible water full of rust and bacteria (well water), and very hard. Mr. Jimmy installed this system and it is amazing clear no smell perfect Thanks Mr. Jimmy, excellent work presentation all-around perfect experience.

– Patrick Sayes